Getting a replacement key for your car can be a frustrating experience. However, it can be a lot less expensive than you think if you know where to look.

Many modern vehicles use transponders or built-in key fobs that can unlock and start your car remotely. This type of key is also commonly called a “smart” key or remote.

Lost Keys

Losing your keys in the city can be frustrating. Fortunately, Car Key Replacement DC can provide you with a replacement for your lost car key and even unlock your trunk and doors on any make or model vehicle. Our team of experts is always ready to help you in your time of need so you can get back on the road. Call us at your earliest convenience for fast and efficient service. We service all of the major metro areas including DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our mobile vans are always stocked with the most cutting edge technology and our technicians have years of experience in handling everything from simple car keys to the latest high-security transponder chip key and remotes.

Broken Keys

A broken key can be a major inconvenience to drivers. It’s frustrating to have to juggle two keys to lock and unlock your car, and even worse when you can’t turn the ignition on. Sometimes the key breaks in the ignition cylinder, and this is where professional assistance from an experienced locksmith can be helpful. They can extract the broken key from the ignition without damaging it further, and will also provide you with a new replacement. Often, high-tech keys can be laser etched or have wireless codes built into them. If these types of keys are damaged or if you need an emergency replacement, call us at Car Key Replacement DC to get fast help. We offer a full range of car key replacement and extraction services in Washington, D.C. and the Baltimore metro area.

Damaged Keys

When you’re trying to lock and unlock your car, you may find that the key has lost its ability to turn in the lock. This is often a sign that the key has been bent or worn down. This can occur when the key has been subjected to heavy use and poor handling, and it can also result from the grooves on the key wearing down.

Another way that your key might be damaged is if it has been exposed to excessive heat or moisture. These can both cause damage to the key shaft and/or transponder.

The most obvious thing to do if your key has been damaged is to get a new one. You can have a replacement made by your local car dealership or an independent automotive locksmith. If you do choose to get a replacement from the dealer, be sure to bring your vehicle’s VIN number and any other pertinent information such as your driver’s license or insurance card.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems allow you to lock or unlock your car without needing to insert a traditional key. Some models even include remote start capabilities, making them convenient additions to any car.

This technology works by sending radio signals to a device within your key fob when you place your hand on the door handle (or button on the door). If the key is nearby, the car will unlock itself and if it’s gone, it will automatically lock.

There are several different types of keyless entry, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Some can be used while you’re in your car, while others require you to enter a code before it will unlock the doors.

One of the biggest drawbacks to keyless entry is that they’re vulnerable to hacking. Since they use a constantly changing encryption code, thieves only need to have access to your key fob or smartphone app to gain entry to your car.